Born in 1957

I am a Freelance IT-Consultant currently contracting Lufhansa Systems.
In my sparetime i still like to sit in front of the computer and try to increase my knowdledge. Apart from that i am trying to get as much exercise as possible, On good weeks i visit the Gym 3 times a week. Soccer has become another one of my sparetime activitities. Not that I play soccer, but i have become a great fan of Schalke04. I very often visit the home games of S04 even though I have to drive 250Km to get to the stadion. Both of my daughers share that interrest with me, so they join me as much as possible given us a great time together. In the danish leauge Brøndby is my my team.

I shall not forget to tell that i do have a daugther from a previous relationship.

This is link to a page that tells about what I have been doing since i left the school. This page is on danish. Livet Efter Skolen.